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Hii would like to find out whether I am correct in my assumption about the meaning of MM in the context of market research:

I am reading about market data of BMO Financial Group (TSH:BMO) and suppose that MM in brackets below mean "millions". But as I am not sure and need your advice:

Shares O
/S (basic, mm). 61.80. Dilutives O/S (mm). 4.96.
  • Packard

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    Since "m" is frequently used to represent "thousands", I would assume that "mm" would represent "millions". So I would read it as 61,800,000 shares.

    Note: This is just an semi-educated guess.


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    According to the wiki, MM means million in finance, but note that in science a single M means million (mega-) and small m means milli (1/1000) and mm means millimetre. So Packard's "guess" is well-informed :D
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