Sharing the benefit of life, is the benefit of life

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  1. Manwell Member

    Hi all,
    I'd like to translate the following sentence (from Stephen Fry) in french:
    Sharing the benefit of life, is the benefit of life... (oddly enough)
    It sounds good in english: the word "benefit" is used twice and has a valid meaning in both cases.

    I have tried:

    • Partager les avantages de la vie, est l'avantage de la vie. (but "est l'avantage de la vie" makes little sense)
    • Partager les benefices de la vie, est le benefice de la vie. (but benefice in french has a connotation to business profits)

    What is tricky is to make it sound as good in french as in english, keeping the same word in both parts of the sentence, and not loosing meaning.

    Anyone wants to have a try???

    Much appreciated - Thanks in advance.
  2. Jeanne75 Senior Member

    French - France

    I would go for "bienfaits" instead of "bénéfices" or "avantages", use "c'est" and not just "est".

    Bienfaits means kinds of "the gifts" so maybe closer to the original sentence - you receive and give back.

  3. Manwell Member

    Now that you said it, it seems pretty obvious, why did I not think of it before. ;)

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