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    Hello and welcome. Can you give us a little more info? The context, names of the songs, anything? We'll be glad to try to help. Thanks.

    homero aranda

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    hello it's the name of a song absoluty i heard a few songs with that word 1 song say only shawty but another say shawty get loose they talk about somebody but i don't know what do that means thanks for the attention see you later


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    If I'm not mistaken, "shawty" is a variant of the slang word "shorty", which is generally used to refer to an attractive girl or woman.

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    Hola a todos,
    una vez viendo una letra de una canción de hip hop ví la palabra "Shawty" y no sabía que significaba. ¿Sería algo como una chica sexy o algo así?


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    Como dijo Poca Cosa, "shawty" es una corrupción de la palabra "shorty" y literalmente quiere decir alguien de baja estatura. Pero, sí, en hip hop se usa como chica.


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    "Shawty" also contains the word (and pronunciation) "hawt" [hot]. It would make sense for that kind of word play to get some attention.