She’s my angel’s share

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Dear all,
this is from the story "Departures" by A.K. Benedict.

“You don’t talk about your wife much.” [says Sian.]
“No. Well,” Henrik says, looking away. “I don’t like to. She’s my angel’s share.

I am not sure about the meaning of share. Neither of the meanings given in the dictionary seems to fit. Could you explain please?
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    The term "angel's share" comes from the whisky distilling industry and is that share (or proportion) of the whisky that evaporates while it is being aged.
    It is thus the share of the whisky that "belongs" or is given to, the angels.

    What that means in the context of your story, I don't know. Perhaps he only "gets" a small proportion of her, and they essentially lead separate lives.
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