She came waltzing into the door.


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Can somebody tell me if this sentence means that "she entered in the room with brutality" or that "she entered in dancing" (??) ?
Thanks for your help.
  • mamboney

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    She came waltzing IN the door.

    Waltzing here refers to entering a room gracefully like a dancer or like a carefree person (as Joelline implies).


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    Hello Arzhela,

    Actually, in my experience, it also suggests an attitude of insouciance as well.

    The last time I was accused of "walzing in the door," I was 15 years old and it was midnight. My mother had told me to be home at 11. I entered the house as if nothing were wrong, said "Hi, Mom. What are you doing up so late?" Her reply (only a part of which is printable here!) was, "Who do you think you are, young lady, walzing in at midnight? Didn't I tell you..."


    I would add that the expression is usually used of someone who would have been expected to come creeping in shame-facedly -- think of a parent complaining about the hours their daughter is keepiing —> "she had been out all night, we were sick with worry, when she came waltzing in the door at 10:00 am!"