She <cycles to campus><goes to campus by bike> every day. [BrE]


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(1) She cycles to campus every day.

(2) She goes to campus by bike every day.

Question: Which sentence is idiomatic in British English?
  • Wordy McWordface

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    SSBE (Standard Southern British English)
    Both are idiomatic, but the double adverbial at the end of the second one feels clumsy. If the key fact is the cycling idea, it makes sense to say it first. For example: "Clare doesn't get much exercise, does she?" "Well, she cycles to campus every day. That's good exercise."

    As KB suggests, the idea that college/university equates to "campus" is an American concept. Some of the newer British universities do have out-of-town campuses, but older universities are often integrated into the fabric of the city (and may predate other buildings in the city by several centuries).
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