she didn´t realize desirable real estate changed midblock

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please, could you englighten me?
I understood that Evelyn lives in one of the most affluent and luxurious part of the city...thus I feel somewhat confused about the bit below..
I ´ve inferred that she might have wished to live in something awesome looking... however, midblock (even if situated in such an opulent and expensive surrounding) does not look so attractive from the outside.......? The "midblock" is something undesirable.../unattractive...?

S. Clifford: Everybody rise
She lived on the Upper East Side, in an appartment she could barely afford. When Evelyn rented it, she had never lived in Manhattan before, and didn´t realize desirable real estate changed midblock.
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    I would guess that this means that a single NY block can contain both desirable and less desirable real estate, so the border or dividing line between the two categories can occur in the middle of a block ("midblock")


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    To me it indicates that one end of the block is considered to be desirable real estate, but the other end isn't; the boundary between the desirable and the undesirable is somewhere around the middle of the block.



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    This is very much New York City-specific.

    She is not living in as desirable an apartment as she thought. The author tells us that the west end of the block is more desirable (as being closer to Fifth Avenue and Central Park) than the middle or the east end of the block.


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    I agree with RM; in fact there's a block like that not far from where I live. There's a church about the middle of the block. On one side of the church, it's considered to be "desirable" real estate, because the houses are all neatly kept up, repaired, painted, etc.; on the other side of the church, the properties are not as nicely kept, and that end of the block is considered less desirable.


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    "Change" in that sentence doesn't mean that the buildings undergo a change. It refers to your experience as you walk the length of the block. As someone said to me about that block in my neighborhood (see post #5): "It changes after you pass the church."
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