She didn’t want to be the whitecap on ground zero


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What does the bolded sentence mean?

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Norma expresses her opinion that Hodges' friend has been receiving experimental treatments.
‘How long has this been going on?’
‘Years. It’s one of the reasons Becky Helmington transferred. She didn’t want to be the whitecap on ground zero if Babineau gave him the wrong vitamin and killed him.’

Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

This conversation is taking place at a waterhole after nurse Noma agreed to meet furtively with Hodges, the protagonist of the novel.
Beckham Helmington is the ex Nurse Head at the Brain Trauma Centre where Brady, the antagonist is hospitalised for brain damage and Dr Babineau has been treating him.

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    whitecap =nurse (who wears a white cap)
    ground zero = the center of a place where a disaster happens

    BH transfers out because she does not want to be the nurse in charge if/when Dr. B makes a mistake.
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