she doesn’t have the figure for showing that much flesh

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This time, though, it had been a three-legged pub-crawl and the lassies had been collecting for charity.
‘Did you see that Jen Belshaw? She doesn’t have the figure for showing that much flesh.’ More giggling like schoolboys.
Source: Detective Constable Sandy Wilson and Detective Inspector Willow Reeve are having lunch in a bar in Voe. They overheard this conversation about the hen parties that happened the evening before.

I do not understand the subtext of the snide remark. What do you make of the bolded comment? Would it mean she is ugly and thin?

Thank you.
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    It tells me her figure (body) was not elegant enough so she should not have shown so much of it (i.e. so much bare flesh)...


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    Basically, instead of having smooth, sleek skin and a smooth sleek body, which would look good exposed, she is overweight and bulging out in the wrong places.
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