She felt something pop in her shoulder

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    The sentance I am trying to translate is "She felt something pop in her shoulder." Seems as though I am looking for a sensation rather than the noise. I am unsure if it was a bone or muscle or joint that was making the sensation. The woman was exerting a lot of force in order to pull something heavy toward her when she felt the pop.

    Mi intento:

    Ella sintio ______ en el hombro.

    No tengo ni idea!!!
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    Hi ! I think that you're looking for the word crujido . The noun derived from crujir (to creak) and comes from the sound can be heard (more or less :) ) when something breaks in the body (especially bone joints).
    So, your sentence would be something like Ella sintió un crujido en el hombro
    hope that was helpful !
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  3. danielfranco

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    Well, in this case they ain't talking about a sound, but a sensation, like CarSho56 mentioned. It's a colloquialism, so you could say something in Spanish like:
    «(Ella) Sintió que algo se le botó/safó en el hombro».
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    U.S. (minnesota)
    Aaa gracias danielfranco! Eso es lo que busco!

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