She flapped the poncho over her


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Leah took a poncho from the single saddlebag Falada carried and slipped it over her shoulders. She beckoned to Radar, who looked at me for permission, then went to Leah. She flapped the poncho over her. The Snab went, too.
source: Fairy Tale by Stephen

‘She flapped the poncho over her’ means she put it on, right?

Thank you.
  • Hans in Texas

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    A poncho is pretty big. I have the image of Leah floating the poncho in the air like a person spreading a tablecloth over a large table.


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    My guess, and it is only a guess since I don't read King although I am sure he is a nice person, is that Radar is female and Leah has flipped (flapped, as the author puts it) the poncho over her also.


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    Google tells me that Radar is a female dog.

    If that's correct, then I agree with LVRBC: Leah flapped the poncho over Radar.