She got off lightly


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Hi everybody!

I'm reading a novel and there is the description of two sisters. The first one looks more like their mother, the other has the freckles of their father. And then there's a sentence I don't understand.

"I got his freckles and the reddish hair, so I think she got off lightly".

I don't understand what this verb really means here.

Can anyone help me?

Tank you!
  • JayRose

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    It sounds like she is saying her sister was not punished as badly as she was. She does not like how she looks, and feels that she was punished with her looks. Her sister "got off lightly" because she did not have red hair and freckles.


    It means that while "I have freckles etc" which I consider a detriment to my appearance, she did not get any of that, so she was lucky and looks good.
    That is, "she escaped the possible freckles and other things that spoil the appearance", that she had a chance of geting due to her genetics".
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