She had her time as a refugee behind her


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Hi there,
I absolutely need your help to find out what this phrase means exactly.

( Bergman is talking about Kabi ( his wife at that time) and their relationship.He said: " We were two badly injured people.I almost,perhaps. She had her time as a refugee behind her. And I, I felt myself to be dying) From Ingmar Bergman By Raphael Shargel/ page 33

Does it mean that she had enough time to find a refuge? Or it means that her time worked as a refugee for her?

I've got so confused. Help me please!

Thanks in advance.
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    "That is behind me" means that it is in the past, it does not happen now. She used to be a refugee but she is not a refugee now.

    Here, the writer is particularly thinking of ongoing effects of the past experience; but some people alternatively say "that is all behind me" to mean that there are no ongoing effects of the past experience.
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