she had yet but dipped her dainty foot in the slough

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The quotation comes from Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre (Chap. 27) | Genius

Quotation: “That I am not Edward Rochester’s bride is the least part of my woe,” I alleged: “that I have wakened out of most glorious dreams, and found them all void and vain, is a horror I could bear and master; but that I must leave him decidedly, instantly, entirely, is intolerable. I cannot do it.”

But, then, a voice within me averred that I could do it and foretold that I should do it. I wrestled with my own resolution: I wanted to be weak that I might avoid the awful passage of further suffering I saw laid out for me; and Conscience, turned tyrant, held Passion by the throat, told her tauntingly, she had yet but dipped her dainty foot in the slough, and swore that with that arm of iron he would thrust her down to unsounded depths of agony.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand the bold part. I try to interpret it as below Is it correct?

yet => 2 a (1) : up to now : so far <hasn't done much yet>
but => 1 : ONLY, MERELY <he is but a child>

the sentence => told her tauntingly that She (= Passion) had just dipped her (=Passion's) dainty foot in the slough up to now, and swore...he (= Conscience) would trust her down to the abyss of intense pain.
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