she has an impeccable taste in music

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Dear teachers.

The definition of impeccable in Dic:
"Faultless and flawless"

:cross:She has an impeccable taste in music. ( this example is puzzling)

What does taste mean in above sentence and can a taste be flawless and faultless?

Thank you very much for your kind help beforehand:)
  • Barque

    It should be "She has an impeccable taste in music".

    "Taste" in this context refers to the quality of a person's choice. It means that the music she chooses to listen to is good music.

    The term "faultless" in this context means "You can't find fault with/you can't object to her choice of music (because her choice is good)".


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    Note that Barque has crossed out "an"; "taste" is uncountable in this context and doesn't take an article.

    P.S. to Barque: It helps to put the crossed-out word in a lighter color.
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