She has got long straight blond hair.


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She has got long straight blond hair.

Hello! Can you help me, please? Is "blond" correct? Or had I better say "blonde"? Would you put commas between the adjectives? Thanks a lot in advance!
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    I would put one comma in it:

    She has got long, straight blonde hair.

    This is because her blonde hair is both long and straight: they're at an equal level, whereas 'blonde hair' is more central. But these commas are debatable, and not important. I also prefer 'blonde' myself, when describing a female, but I think this is also debatable, and also not important.


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    Okay, it's illogical if you just borrow the agreement from the French*, but I see it that he is a blond because he has blond hair, whereas she is a blonde because she has blonde hair. Okay, that looks even more illogical now that I see it in black and white (blonde and brunette?), but that's how I distinguish them.

    * I can't remember which gender hair is, but it's plural, to confuse matters further.


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    I think blonde is often used regardless of whether it's a man or a woman. (I see 'blonde man' very often and think we can disregard French rules.) I agree about etb's reason for the comma between long and straight.


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    Random House has a usage note:
    blonde is still widely used for the noun specifying a woman or girl with fair hair. Some people think this is insulting to women (or sexist), preferring blond for all persons. blond is the usual spelling for the adjective referring to either sex (an energetic blond girl;
    two blond sons
    ) or describing hair, complexion, etc. blonde is still occasionally applied to a female (the blonde model and her escort ) and in British English is the preferred spelling for all senses of the adjective.
    and there is a long thread
    blond, blonde
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