she is giving birth to a baby now


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During the process that a woman is producing a baby, can I say the woman is giving birth to a baby. I am not sure whether I can use the present continuous tense. Just like in this context:

Where is Marry?
She is in the delivery room, she is giving birth to a baby now.

  • ridgemao

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    How about this context:

    The mommy cow was producing a baby cow at that moment, I said to my 3 years old daughter: "Look, a tiny head is coming out of the mommy cow's body, do you know that tiny animal? The mommy cow is giving birth to a baby cow now. "
    Can I say the above bold phrase?

    Thank you again.


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    Talking to a child is not like talking to a mature, educated human.

    You can say just about anything that the child will understand. :)


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    I agree with SDGraham, except that if the cow happens to be giving birth to a male, it's a baby bull, not a baby cow. And you might want to teach the child the name for that baby, of either sex: calf.


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    I agree with Parla in all respects. If only the head has emerged, you can not possibly tell whether the calf is male or female.

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    It sounds fine to me to say she is giving birth. I don't think you need add 'to a baby', as it will be obvious. ;)
    I agree. If we specify that she's giving birth to a baby I may well think that the person speaking was expecting her to give birth to something else!:D It would, however, work perfectly well in a given context, for example a science fiction film/TV series/novel, in reference to a woman who has had sex with an alien (or something like that...;)).
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