she is on the honor roll and getting A's and B's

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I got a bit confused with this phrase --> "She is on the honor roll and getting A' and B's"

What does it means? There's a teacher who is talking to a mother about her daughter.

"Lei è sulla lista dell'onore....???"

Would someone tell me the rest of the sentence? thank you so much!
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    I'm very often confused about these types of things in Italian, so I'm very understanding or your confusion here.:)

    An "honor roll" is a list of students that have done very well (perhaps the top 10% of the class).
    It can be used at all levels of school (AE) even university (there are different names at that level, but the concept is the same).

    So "on the honor roll" means "on the list of excellent students".

    "getting A's and B's" refers to the method grading in the US -
    A being the highest, B the second highest, C average, D below average, F = failing
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