she is too delicate


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I just saw a sentence on my worksheet:

- Amanda has been in depression since she failed in landing a job several times.
- Yes, she is too delicate.

What does "someone is delicate" mean?
Does this sentence sound natural to native speakers? Could it be more suitable to say "She is too sensitive" instead?

Many thanks in advance!

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    I would say that 'too delicate' means more than just being (too) sensitive mentally, there is an impression of being too fragile mentally in 'being delicate' that is missing in 'being sensitive'. To be sensitive can be seen as a positive quality, while being delicate/fragile can't be seen as being a positive trait in a work environment.


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    I agree: literally, an object that is "delicate" or "fragile" is easy to break: it is "vulnerable".

    The same idea is part of the metaphorical use about emotions. "Sensitive" doesn't imply these three words.