she never stopped bumping him off his mark


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She was quick, his wife, as quick as she was warm, and as tough as she was quick. Lila loved him, but she never stopped bumping him off his mark. Clint thought he probably needed that. Probably most men did.
Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King et al.
Context: Clint is the local physchiatrist. After a session with a man with 'sex ambition', he calls his wife.

What does the bolded sentence mean? Would it mean pushing him off his comfort zone?

Thank you.
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    I think your understanding is good. A mark can be a mark on a stage where you're supposed to stand for the cameras. If someone bumps you off it, they throw you off balance and you end up in someplace new.

    We push someone out of their comfort zone, by the way.
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