She said that it's her last days at/in Tenerife.


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I have a friend who lives in Tenerife.
She is going to leave Tenerife soon.
She said that it's here last days at Tenerife.

Would you say in or at Tenerife?
I thought that in Tenerife was more suitable.


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    Another way of thinking about the difference between at and in is that we tend to use at for a small place. In is used for large towns and sometimes well-known towns. So we would be unlikely to hear "He spent a week at London" (if London means the capital of England). If you heard "to change planes at London" this would refer to London Heathrow (i.e. the airport).

    You can also use on for an island, if you want. But it would be mostly used for a small island.


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    Reading what I wrote, I should have added that we don't use at with islands, only on or in.
    The planded landed in Tenerife. (this means the airport)
    We spent a week in/on Tenerife. (normal)
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