she span around


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mexican spanish
¿que significa span around en español?

“Jerome” he said as he sat next to her, reaching out his hand for a welcome shake.

Eyeing him from toe to head, she span around so her back was facing him. He wasn’t her type. His clothes were wrong and displayed the wrong labels. He looked okay in the dim lights from afar, but the light and short distance had exposed him. She was offended that someone of his calibre even thought he had a chance with her.

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  • Paul Clancy

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    span - sounds incorrect and to my mind is incorrect -

    With English my mother tongue, I would never use "span" - I would use "spun" irrespective of The Telegraph or any other newspaper - don't assume because a journalist wrote it that its correct - now or in the past.


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    Span as past single of spin.

    The usage is unfamiliar to my ear as well and, as near as I can tell, not usually accepted, at least not in the United States. Yet, in the UK, the usage appears to be quite common and apparently accepted. As long as the usage is accepted in the vernacular, then it seems to me that it shouldn't be described as "archaic." Here are some examples I culled from the British press (all published within the last two months):

    Wearing a tight fitting black and white striped dress, the blonde model span tracks for a host of world famous names from the art, fashion and entertainment industry.

    Mowgli, a two-year-old tom, narrowly escaped injury in the “sickening” attack as the unidentified man span him around more than 14 times next to railings and cars, coming within inches of smashing the cat’s head on the pavement.

    Helmut Schmidt, 25, told police in Hagenburg, Germany, had hadn't been speeding but his motor suddenly span round three times before landing on top of the rock, the decorative entrance stone to a housing estate.

    But just seconds after the racers sped off, the right-hand corvette span out of control, slamming into the side of the other vehicles and pushing both drivers onto the side of the road within the blink of an eye.

    From the restart, the prominent Eager broke through and kicked on, pinning Buckby in their 22 and from stolen lineout ball Lutterworth span the ball wide – only to see an opponent intercept and run the length of the pitch to score.

    Ricardo Vaz Te’s scuffed shot span over goalkeeper Alex McCarthy for the 27th-minute opener and just before half-time the on-loan Reading man pushed a swerving Jacob Butterfield shot straight at Craig Davies, who completed a simple finish.

    The 38-year-old had his back to goal and span on the edge of the area to rifle the ball into the top corner two minutes after coming on at Bloomfield Road.

    The car span 300 metres down the southbound carriageway before coming to rest at Junction 26 near Nottingham.

    The Fiesta span away and the 25-year-old driver was able to get out before the car burst into flames.

    Wynn Mathieson

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    I agree with Emrys. There's a need to signal the fact that in American English span is not accepted as standard (just as the US dove, past tense of dive, is not accepted in Britain), but it's too strong in my view -- in the case of the UK at least -- to call span "incorrect", or even "archaic", since it's still frequently written and said, even if only by a minority.