She trusted more than in herself (Thomas North)


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So, she furnished herself with a world of gifts, store of gold and silver and of riches and other sumptuous ornaments, as is credible enough she might bring from so great a house, and from so wealthy and rich a realm as Egypt was. But yet she carried nothing with her wherein she trusted more than in herself, and in the charms and enchantments of her passing beauty and grace.

Source: Thomas North’s A Translation of Plutarch (1535-1601)
Hello dear members,

Does the red sentence mean (she trusted herself more than other things) or (she trusted other things more than herself) Or does it have any other meaning?

Many thanks in advance.
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    It is a slightly convoluted sentence.

    She carried many things with her.
    She trusted in many of these things.
    However, she trusted in herself and her charms and beauty more than (she trusted in) any of these things.

    The last idea is expressed in the negative.

    There was nothing in which/wherein she trusted more than (she did) in herself...
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