She twisted/revolved/turned the handle and opened the door.

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"She twisted/revolved the handle and opened the door."
"She turned the handle around and opened the door."
Can I use any of "twiisted/revolved/turned...around" without changing the meaning of the sentence?

Thanks a lot.
  • Cypherpunk

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    She turned the door handle or twisted the door handle are the only ones that would make sense.
    'Turned around' means that someone or something has turned in a complete circle. 'Revolved' isn't used in this way.


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    I would just say, "She turned the handle and opened the door."

    "She twisted the handle" sounds similar to me but a bit odd, as if she was so strong she could bend the handle. I can imagine it being said to mean the same thing as "turned the handle", though.

    "She revolved the handle" sounds like the mechanism in the door is broken and the handle turns freely without accomplishing anything.

    "She turned the handle around" sounds like she took the handle off and put it back on facing the other way.
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