she was a Trench


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Does anyone know Trench mean in this case? Why is it written with a capital t and in italics?
Unfortunately, if I look up on the Internet, I can only find actual trenches.
At first I thought it was just a surname, but why would that curtail the conversation?

"Her parents had heard of him. ‘Didn’t his father make alot of money from selling margarine during WWI?’, her father asked.
‘His mother was a Trench’, her mother said, which disposed of the margarine-selling for ever."

Thank you :)
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    It means he was one of the familly whose surname was Trench. The way it is said suggests that the Trenches are a well-know familly, possibly rich, possibly of noble ancestry - in any case, a familly of some distinction, who would not engage in the mundane commercial activity of selling margarine.
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