she was his puppet


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Hello, Can anyone help me translate my summary of a story i had to read in Spanish?

"This story is about a father and a daughter, Gioconda, who are planning to go to the beach. Gioconda is at first scared to go because of the many animals there. After they go, she becomes missing. People say they saw her in the suitcase of her father. It turns out that he was a vantrilaquist and she was his puppet."

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    You could at least give it a shot... but here it comes...

    Esta historia es acerca de un padre y una hija, Gioconda, quienes están planeando ir a la playa. Al principio, Gioconda tiene mucho miedo de ir porque hay muchos animales ahí. Cuando van, ella se pierde. La gente dice que la vieron en el maletín de su padre. Resulta que él era un ventrílocuo y ella era su títere.
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