she was trying emulate OR she was trying emulating

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She debuted her new dark brown hair earlier this month at former co-star Maria Fowler's leaving party, but today she looked like she was trying emulate a similar style to the Duchess of Cambridge with her locks slightly curled.

I confuse the grammar structure "she was trying emulate". I suspose that it would be " she was trying emulating".

Could you please help me.
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    The difference between "try to do something" and "try doing something" has been discussed at length on the forum. One point that is not mentioned in all the previous threads is that the general formula "try doing something" doesn't work when "try" is in a continuous tense. In this case, to preserve the sense of "try doing something," you have to make "trying" "trying out."

    I tried to do X. :tick:
    I tried doing X. :tick:
    I was trying to do X. :tick:
    I was trying doing X. :cross:
    I was trying out doing X. :tick:
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