She was trying to buy him off.


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Hi, all

The sentences come from "Gossip girl".
" She came by my dad's gallery today"
"Well, she probably just wanted to see your mom's art"
"No, she was trying to buy him off so I wouldn't go with you tonight."

I don't understand the mean of "buy him off".

By the way,
The sentences come from an American video of "Gossip girl". Does it sound natural to your ear?

  • Barque

    To buy someone off means to bribe someone.

    WR dictionary: buy off, to get rid of (a claim, etc.) by payment; to bribe:[~ + object + off]See if you can buy him off.[~ + off + object]Buy off as many politicians as you can.

    If you could give us more context (Who are the speakers to each other?, Who's she?), we can say for sure if the above meaning applies.


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    Hi, Barque

    Thanks. I've got it. The 1st and 3rd sentences were said by a girl. the 2nd sentence was said by a boy. "She is the girl's grandma". He told her that he didn't think her grandma was who she thought she was.