she would be entered scratch

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Dear all,
this from the sketch 'An Apartment House Anthology' (chapter 'THE TOP FLOOR EAST') by Dorothy Parker.

Between adventures Miss Huff does a good deal of embroidery. If there were ever a contest in putting cross-stitch baskets on guest towels she would be entered scratch.

She would be entered scratch, I suspect, means she would certainly take part in it. Is this correct?
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    I suspect the same as you suspect—or maybe it means she'd be a sure winner? I'd never seen or heard the expression before today; perhaps it was current in Parker's day (the early 20th century).


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    Scratch -> [immediately and] without preparation - with the implication that her skills were so great that she could beat any competition with ease.

    Compare the golfing term "to play off/from scratch" - to play well enough to not require an advantageous handicap.
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