shed skin (parts of the body)

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    Hello, I am translating some information on tympanostomy tubes and post-insertion instructions and I would like to know how to talk about skin shedding within the ear:

    Usually the tubes migrate out as the ear drum skin sheds.

    Usualmente los tubos se desplazan hacía afuera mientras la membrana tímpanica muda piel.

    Is this resaonable? I would like to know if mudar piel could be used for individual parts of the body.
  2. mijoch Banned

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    You could google "desprender piel/desprendimiento de la piel".
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  3. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Yo diría: "Normalmente, los tubos migran al exterior a medida que se desprende la piel del tímpano".
  4. makandés66 Senior Member

    Old Upper Louisiana
    Midwestern USA English
    Muchas Gracias / Moltes Gràcies Mijoch y Ilialluna ;)
  5. mewilson Senior Member

    I think of mudar de piel in the context of large portions of skin, such as in reptiles. In human beings, I think the right verb for "to shed" would be "descamarse," but that may be rather formal...

    Normalmente, los tubitos van desprendiéndose a medida que se descama la piel del tímpano.

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