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Il manque le sens de cosse ou gousse (de petits pois par exemple)
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    I’m not sure that anything is missing. The English translation for ‘une gousse de pois’ or 'une cosse de pois' is normally ‘a pod’, rather than ‘a shell’, and the WordReference dictionary gives the following example of its use :

    Remove the peas from their pods, then cook in boiling water.
    Retirez les pois de leur cosse, puis faites-les bouillir

    As well as a noun, the word ‘pod’ can also serve as a verb. Of this latter use, the WordReference dictionary provides this example :

    My pea plant is starting to pod.
    Mon plant de petit pois commence à produire des cosses.

    The word ‘shell’ can certainly be used in this context, but as a verb rather than a noun. An illustration of this use can be found in the article ‘Shell’, under the heading ‘Traductions supplémentaires’ :

    Shell the peas, then cook them.
    Écosse les petits pois, puis mets-les à cuire.

    I note in passing that in the article ‘Écosser’ (ôter de sa cosse), one of the suggested translations is ‘pod’ as a transitive verb.

    I do hope that this is helpful.
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    Bonjour, az123, et merci pour votre commentaire.

    Upswing, thanks again for your very detailed comment!
    Even though I agree with you, I'll still forward the thread to the English team so that they can assess whether the entry needs to be reviewed.
    Bonjour az123,

    Merci pour votre message. Comme Upswing a déjà expliqué, on ne dit pas shell pour la cosse des petits pois, même si on emploie le verbe 'to shell' pour écosser. La cosse se dit 'pod'.

    Thank you, Upswing, for your explanation. I've added that vtr sense for pod to the English base. It will be included in future translation projects and will appear in the dictionary one day.