She's a forceful person.


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She's an outspoken and forceful person.

Would you usually use the word "forceful" in a negative sense or a positive sense?
For example,
Is it fine to call a man who sexually harasses women against their will "forceful"?
Is it fine to call a woman who devotes herself to a good cause "forceful"?
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    The word forceful is, at best, somewhere between neutral and very slightly pejorative. At worst it is pejorative. Of course, this is context-dependent.

    With forceful there is always a nuance that there is a hint of bullying or unreasonableness, and that it would be better if the person were "persuasive".


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    A person who sexually harasses women against their will is a rapist that should go to jail. :) One could say such a person was using forceful methods to get laid, but that would be an understatement :)

    I wonder if anyone would elect to be harassed of their own free will... :)
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