She's got a great spike!

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The action takes place at school during gym class. Kids are playing volleyball. And one of the girls accidentally hit a boy on the head with a ball. She walks up to him to say sorry.

Bella: "I'm sorry I told them not to let me play."
Boy: "You're Isabella, right?"

Here comes up another girl and say: "She's got a great spike, huh?"

Could you tell me what she means by "great spike"?

  • cuchuflete

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    Spike- "the act or an instance of spiking (as in volleyball)"

    Spiking: to drive (as a volleyball) sharply downward with a hard blow;

    M-W Online
    No. It is instead the very specific term for a way of hitting a volleyball. If I were to speculate, based on nothing at all, I would assume that the term derives from the fact that a real spike (such as a railroad spike) is driven downward quickly and forcefully.
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