She's riding the same subway as me


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Hi guys,

could you tell me please how I can say in Arabic "the same subway as me" ?

Below a sentence I prepared

I noticed that every morning there is a very beautiful woman who is riding the subway.
لاحظت أن كل صَباح هناك امرأة جميلةٌ جدا الذين تَسْتَقِلَّ قِطارَ الأنْفاقِ

I just would like to change the end of the sentence by saying "the same subway as me".
Can anyone knows how to say it?

Ps. please apologize if my English is not perfect.. :eek:

  • ghadak

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    I think there is a mistake in the Arabic sentence> It should be
    لاحظت إن كل صباح هناك امرأة جميلة تستقل قطار الأنفاق مثلي
    the translation should be
    I notice that every morning there is a beautiful women riding the subway like me.


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    ألحظ امرأة جميلةٌ جدا تَسْتَقِلَّ قِطارَ الأنْفاقِ معي كل صباح


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    Your sentence is correct except for the "الذين" that should be removed.
    And my suggestion for translating your second sentence is:

    لاحظت أنه في كل صباح هناك امرأة جميلة جدا تستقل نفس قطار الأنفاق الذي أستقله

    Though, to be honest, I'm not sure if my translation is influenced with the English original or not.

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