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Hello friends..

I was reading (Into the Water)'s novel by Paula Hawkins, when I saw this line:

"She's says she's a 'psychic', that she speaks to the dead." ... etc

I couldn't explain it! The character who is speaking here is a Detective Inspector, so he shouldn't make such a mistake!!

Please, can anyone help me explaining this peculiar line?
Thank you
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    It can only be a typo. There's also a missing punctuation mark after psychic. and he could be a detective inspector – not an inspector detective.

    Thank you a lot! 🧡🧡
    * I have edited the question and added the comma because it was my mistake. 🙈 and I have also corrected (inspector detective) ... I am sorry but I am not a native English, I read English novels to improve my English language! 😅😅😅