She's screaming for a shot at the title

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It's the movie "Big Weeding".
Sister goes to visit brother who works as gynecologist.
They are both very young.
While waiting for him, she gets to know some young nurse.
When the brother comes, sister praises the young nurse, who's gone now, by calling her "perky".
And at this point says to her brother in a teasing voice, "She's screaming for a shot at the title."

According to the following dialogue, she is just saying that "the nurse is dying to hook up with you."
Because, the brother says he doesn't like this type of girls and so.
Just didn't found online something that goes well with this meaning of "shot at the title".
Some light about this.

Thank you
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    I'd guess that "she's screaming for a shot at the title" means she's desperate to go on a date with the man as a first step to marrying him.

    'To get a shot at something' means to get a chance to achieve it. Here that something would refer to becoming "Mrs. Griffin" (if Griffin happens to be the gynecologist's surname), which would be 'the title'.


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    From what you have given us, the sister is saying that the nurse is screaming for a shot at the title "perky". This seems unlikely. Have you omitted something?

    Do you have a link to the script (you wrote "Weeding", should it be "Wedding"?)
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    I found the subtitles for the film "The Big Wedding" (2013) at on this zip file. Here's the dialogue (as usual one cannot tell from subtitles who's speaking but has to infer it):
    "She's perky."
    "Who, Jane? Yeah, she's great."
    "She's screaming for a shot at the title."
    "What could possibly be wrong with her?"
    "I am so over this whole fresh-faced, Ivy League, preppie, bouncy, ponytail-y type."
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