she's very sentimental when it comes to that

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I'm not sure if the adjective sentimental is correctly applied to this imaginary situation:

Jane believes that a birthday is a memorable occasion that only happens once a year, so it must always be celebrated with foodstuff (cake, ice cream, pasta, meat, etc.) on the table. On the other hand, you and your family, as well as your other friends and other relatives, believe that it's all right not to celebrate it with foodstuff if it so happened that you have no money. Jane will be celebrating her birthday on a Saturday next week, but she's in debt.

Do you think Jane will still throw a party on her birthday next week?
- I'm pretty sure she will. She's very sentimental when it comes to that.

(She's the type of person who would borrow money, if necessary, because she feels that a birthday celebration without foodstuff on the table is incomplete.)
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