She's wound pretty tight

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  1. presl Senior Member

    Hi! I do not get this line in red. What does 'She's wound pretty tight' mean?

    [Warehouse 13]

    Bonnie [FBI Agent]: How long have you and Bering been partners?

    Pete [Secret Service Agent]: Not long.

    Bonnie: She's wound pretty tight.

    Pete: Yes, she is.
  2. Valvs Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    ~She is quite nervous/worried.
  3. Franzi Senior Member

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    (San Francisco) English
    She's tense and uptight. I can't remember if anyone's called her a "tightass" yet on the show, but they probably will.

    Basically, she tends to lash out angrily or freak out over every little thing. She's hypercritical and hard to get along with. (Or, actually, you could just observe her behavior in the first episode. That should give you a good idea of what "she's wound pretty tight" means. :D)
  4. presl Senior Member

    Thanks, Valvs, Franzi.

    Is this one usually used as a fix expression or is it just used figuratively [As in 'to wind something pretty tight - twist or wrap something around itself very tight.] ?

    :D I can remember! But deep down inside of her, she is not 'tight' at all.
  5. envie de voyager Senior Member

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    Saying someone is "wound pretty tight" is a common, well understood expression. It refers to a spring, like in a watch. When it is wound too tightly, it might erupt dangerously without warning.
  6. Monteleone Member

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    Just a friendly word of caution.
    wound pretty tight :tick:
    pretty uptight :tick:
    tightass :tick: (in appropriate company) :)

    However, I thought I might mention: do not call a woman "tight." :cross:
    (as in your quote, above).

  7. presl Senior Member

    Thanks, envie de voyager, Monteleone. :)

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