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I was watching a Korean drama (My Country Calls) with English subtitle. They call the main female actriss in the drama, "Oh Ha Na-ssi/shi". What does this mean? Is it "Miss" or something like that? I figured out that it's used with familiar people...Am I wrong?

Thank you...
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    Oh Ha-na ssi : 오하나씨

    *씨(氏) ssi/shi

    "씨" : with name or surname or full name when call someone(usually adult) politely.

    Mostly used call Someone who is subordinate or same position in office. also used someone same age or younger than you.

    But when you call someone aged as parents or above, (except offical or businesslike situration)
    "씨" is not proper to use. if you use "씨" with senior's name, that's rude.

    Usally translate in Mr(man). Miss. Ms. Mrs.(woman).
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