Shien Busshi Haitatsu


Hello! I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the text in the following image means:

It is from an untranslated GBA game that I want to play. I figured out you can't progress in the game if you don't do these quests. I have already tried babelfish translation, but I just can't make out the meaning as there are some proper nouns that the software can't translate. I reckon some words may be hard to translate as they are words invented only for the game, and for these words I think that giving me the romaji will do.

I really hope someone can help me on this one. Thanks.
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    American English/العربية looks Japanese to me or maybe chinese??
    am really sorry po,can't help you in this one..

    Hope someone out there can help you out


    USA (English)
    支援物資配達 配達


    依頼者 ヴァンデルバスター協会
    依頼者場所 アンクルスの里
    報酬 230MG
    期限 期限なし

    Shien Busshi Haitatsu Haitatsu

    Ankurusu Heigen (?) wo bouken chuu no basutaa ni shien busshi wo haitatsu shite hoshii

    Iraisha Vanderu Basutaa Kyoukai
    Iraisha Basho Ankurusu no sato
    Houshuu 230MG
    Kigen Kigen nashi

    Aid Material Delivery Delivery

    I want you to deliver aid materials to busters venturing after the Ankurusu Prairie (?)

    Client: Vandel Buster Society
    Client Location: Ankurusu Village
    Compensation: 230 MG
    Term: No term

    Because I have no idea what this all means, and they aren't exactly complete sentences, but fragments, it is very difficult to understand and therefore translate. But hopefully this gives you a better idea. アンクルス平原 can be read as "Ankurusu Heigen" meaning "Ankurusu Plain/Prairie", or as "Ankurusu Hirahara", a name of a person. Japanese names follow family name-given name order, so if this is a name, the person is probably not native Japanese. (Foreigners, even with Japanese last names, are usually refered to in the name order of their country).


    Wow! Now it all makes sense to me. Thank you very much for your detailed translation, instantReilly.


    I want you to deliver relief aid to the busters, who are exploring the Ancles Plain.
    I'm not sure if I spelled the name of the plain correct.