shilling for China

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Does "shilling for China" mean "bribing China"? Simply a wild guess here.


Biden defending this horrific regime should disqualify him for president. Where are the Democrats who have been shilling for China ever since they mowed down tens of thousands in Beijing? Criticizing Trump for standing up to the slave labor gulag regime that has murdered 70 million since a Communists took power.

Source: Washington Post (Comment Section)
  • JulianStuart

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    A wild ride to the dictionary produced: The guess that it is an -ing form is correct :)

    shill /ʃɪl/ n. [countable]
    1. one who pretends to be a customer in order to fool others into participating, as at a casino or in street gambling games.
    2. one who praises another for self-interest:another shill trying to gain her favor.
    v. [no object]
    1. to work as a shill:to shill for a large casino.


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    No, it means acting as advocates for China.

    noun: shill; plural noun: shills
    1. 1.
      an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.
      • a person who pretends to give an impartial endorsement of something in which they themselves have an interest.
        "a megamillionaire who makes more money as a shill for corporate products than he does for playing basketball"
    verb: shill; 3rd person present: shills; past tense: shilled; past participle: shilled; gerund or present participle: shilling
    1. 1.
      act or work as a shill.


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    It is not a complimentary expression. It implies you are pretending to be an unbiased advocate but really you aren't.
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