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Spanish (Valladolid)
Hi everybody!
Could somebody tell me the differences amongst: shine, glitter, glisten, sparkle, gleam, glow and beam?

Ps: When do we use each one?
Thank you all in advance
  • Muy difícil, pero lo intentaré:
    shine: the moon, the sun
    glitter: stars (although one can also say that they shine, when they do not flicker)
    flicker: shining with brief interruptions
    glitter: rhinestones, cheap jewelry
    glisten: snow, sweaty skin
    sparkle: diamonds, eyes (especially of Spanish women)
    gleam: a shiny new car, or a happy face
    glow: a happy face, a healthy skin, hot coals in a fire
    beam: almost synonymous with gleam, a beaming face
    That's just a few examples, there are many more but I hope get a bit of a feeling for the subtle differences between these similar words.
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