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I have a suggestion about the NotePubl and the Sentence for this entry.

ship [sb] vtr(romantic relationship: support, endorse)querer que dos personajes estén juntos loc verb
apoyar la relación de loc verb + prep
Note: mainly used about fictional relationships on TV shows
I really ship those two; they're adorable together.

I think the Note can be deleted. It's true that the practice of shipping two people together originated in, and was originally limited to, fiction fandoms, as evidenced by a Wikipedia article on the subject: Shipping (fandom)

However, its frequently used to refer to real people -- as evidenced by the very sentence in this entry.

As additional proof, here are examples from other forums:
reddit: I keep getting shipped with my friend. : r/aromantic
quora: How to get my friend to stop shipping me with another friend
arocalypse (a forum for people who identify as aromantic): How do I get my friends to stop shipping me with my friend?

Here's an article from 2015 that claims that friends were shipping each other as long as 8 years ago:
'I ship them' — the strange concept that's changing the way people talk about relationships

As for the sentence, I'm not sure if "really" sounds natural here. I suggest using one of the examples from these posts or articles instead. For example, "My classmates keep shipping me with Riley because they say we would make a cute couple, but I tell everyone that Riley and I are just friends."
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    Yes, agreed. I've taken out the note, changed the sentence, and added an entry for 'ship sb with sb'.