shiver me timbers

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alguien sabe que quiere decir esta frase?
Tom Saywer y Huck Finn.

Un amigo le dice a Tom
¡Shiver me timbers!. You did it again, Tom.
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    Hola Vicsande,
    Es invención comica literaria, simulacro creo, siempre relacionada con marineros. Aquí una cita de Take Our Word for It:
    It's a mock oath ascribed to sailors, though it appears to be a comic embellishment of a slightly different oath, my timbers. The latter dates from the late 18th century, while shiver me/my timbers is first recorded in 1835: "I won't thrash you Tom. Shiver my timbers if I do" from Frederick Marryat's Jacob Faithful. Apparently Mr. Marryat invented the phrase with an eye toward avoiding his readers taking offense at stronger words. It's also possible that my timbers was invented, for it first appears in a song: "My timbers! what lingo he’d coil and belay."
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