Shoot Down Good Intentions

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- He spent time, energy, thought and money to try to make you happy. You shouldn't shoot down his good intentions.

- "shoot down his good intentions" here means "refuse his good intentions"?

Thanks a lot!

  • bibliolept

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    You are right in thinking that "shoot down" is most often used to describe the action of rejecting, spurning, or defeating something or someone.

    However, if I assume that this sentence was written with great care and some significant degree of knowledge of the language, I would interpret "shoot down" as "criticize" or "demean," a less common definition.


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    Normally, "shoot down" means to refuse or reject but it doesn't really make sense that you could refuse an intention. I think it makes more sense here as "belittle", "criticize" or "mock", which is another meaning of "shoot down."

    [edit] I see bibliolept and I came to the same conclusion. :) (Sometimes I sit on a post for awhile, pondering my answer. I'm not the quickest of minds around here. ;) )
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