Shop floor


I would like to include this phrase in a Spanish website I'm designing to capture the idea that clients can publish products, company information, photos etc. but without being able to sell online.

Of course I wanted to call this service "tienda online" but because there's no "caja" or till, I need to capture a phrase which gives all the benefits of having a shop floor and shop window, but without the online transaction.

Even if you can't think of shop floor, other ideas like "escaparate" (shop window) would be welcomed.

I hope I have explained the context well. If you need more details, just ask!

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Mortadelo y Filemón
  • Masood

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    escaparate looks good to me.

    I think I would use showcase instead of shop floor. Shop floor (to me) conjures up images of a factory production line.
    Thanks for your replies. I agree that shop floor may conjure up images of the factory floor, but I think you'll find it also refers to retail.

    In any case, I do not want to get too bogged down with the English. Does anyone know how to translate "shop floor" (the retail kind) into Spanish, please?


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    I just can think of "escaparate", as you said, because talking about "tienda" implies to buy things, to pay, I think.
    So perhaps "escaparate de productos"...


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    "Vidriera de productos y servicios" . "Vidriera" is "escaparate" , in Argentina. "Shop floor" is not a retail kind -at least in my country. The shop floor is used to refer to all the ordinary workers in a factory or the area where they work, especially in contrast to the people who are in charge.( In spanish: trabajadores - planta de producción