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    Not long ago, shopping in China consisted mostly of lining up to entreat surly clerks to accept cash in exchange for ugly merchandise that did not fit. But now, Chinese have started to embrace America's modern "shop till you drop" ethos and are in the midst of a buy-at-the-mall frenzy. (source)

    What does "shop till you drop" mean?
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    Generally I would explain it as the idea of shopping frantically; buying large amounts of goods in a short space of time. "Till you drop" here means "until your collapse due to fatigue". ;)
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    I have the impression (admittedly about an activity I abhor) that rather than buying a lot rapidly, shop til you drop refers to people who enjoy the activity of shopping, i.e going from shop to shop, without necessarly buying , although buying clearly comes into it.

    The notion 'til you drop' surely implies a goodish length of time spent on the activity itself almost without an objective of buying...?
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    As an American, I would say you are both right, partly. There is fatigue at the end, there is lots of activity and running from store to store, there are things bought, there is pleasure, there is pain...
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    This expression harbors an apology for women who spend an inordinate amount of time shopping. Men, in general, think that shopping is a matter of finding and buying only what you need. Some commercial entity coined the expression, "Shop 'til you drop," and it has become almost a battle cry for women who explain their obsession with shopping by having a slogan and wear it as a bumper sticker.
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    I'd like to know what "drop" means in "Shop till You Drop" which is the title of an article. The article is about different ways of shopping, like computer shopping and TV shopping. I guess it means "shop till you are tired and have to give up". Am i right? Thanks a lot.
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    Yes, you're right. Shop until you drop in your tracks (drop to the ground) from exhaustion. Here's a previous thread that I found by putting shop drop in the Search box at the top of the page. The previous threads are the blue links below the dictionary definitions:
    shop till you drop
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    NowIsee. Thank you!

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