Shopping mall/department store = fruits, nuts, cookies, grains, foods


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I know what "shopping mall" and "department store" mean and I know what they look like. But I don't know if edible things are also sold there like supermarkets.

I mean, fruits, nuts, cookies, grains, foods, etc.

This is my question => Are the bold written things also sold at the shopping malls and department stores?

Thank you.
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    Most malls have a store or few selling things like that -- candy stores seem to be the most common. Department stores are much less likely to have a food department, though Macy's used to and I believe Fortnum & Mason still do.

    ETA: Just checked their websites -- both Macy's and F&M do still have their gourmet food sections.
    Now I'm hungry for Scotch eggs....
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    Regular grocery stores don't tend to be in malls. They tend to have their own buildings with their own parking lots because they require a lot of space and shopping carts. Malls generally don't have shopping carts you can take outside. Malls generally don't sell uncooked things. They might sell cookies and pretzels and candy at little shops or sell prepared food in a food court (an area with a group of restaurants you can get food at a counter) or in a regular restaurant somewhere in the mall but they commonly don't sell unprepared (bulk) food.

    You couldn't buy milk and eggs at any shopping mall I've ever shopped at.

    Whether a department store does depends on your definition of a department store.


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    First mall I ever saw had a supermarket attached to it. The mall is still there, but the supermarket seems (going by Google street view) to have been divided into three parts; one is now a Chinese buffet, and the other two are empty.
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