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Hi all,

I am currently working on a website translation for a hotel. They have posted a list of services - one of them is "shopping service". To be fair I am unsure what it is exactly as I have never seen that before, but I guess they probably offer to do your shopping for you?

I have looked it up and haven't really found anything relevant. I am supposed to translate it into French but not sure what the equivalent would be. "Service courses" sounds rather silly. Any ideas?

(I wish I could give you more context, unfortunately it is only a bullet point list of other services such as room service, air-conditioning etc..)

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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    Ca dépend des formules des hôtels, on peut soit faire les courses soi-même, soit commander des articles, dans les deux cas pour être livré plus tard.
    Je pencherais pour "Service shopping", ou pour ta proposition.


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    Merci beaucoup, j'avais pensé à "service shopping", mais j'avais un doute ! Je pense que je vais opter pour ça. Merci encore !
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