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Hi, Today I have looked at an old dictionary named "intermediate dictionary" by Thorndike and Barnhart. The entry was this for "crisp".

"short and decisive; clear-cut": A crisped manner. "Wait I'll return" was her crisp command. "

Here, what is the relation between "short and decisive" and "clear-cut" and "crisp". Could the example sentence written as " ... her short and decisive command" and as " ... her clear-cut command."

Could you broaden please what is a "crisp command."

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi hhtt,

    "Crisp," in this context, means exactly the same as "short and decisive." I'm not sure I'd call it "clear-cut" as opposed to simply "clear." To say "Wait. I'll return" is a short, decisive, and very clear command. She does not say "If you don't mind, maybe you could wait around here for a few minutes or maybe up to an hour, because I think I'll be back soon enough.":)

    To call a statement "crisp" also implies that it is slightly abrupt. Not actually rude, but not overly concerned with being exceptionally courteous.
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